V/S [Versus]

Couple of years ago I finally decided to fulfill one of my dreams from the childhood. I started taking ballroom dancing lessons. As with ballet, I loved it from the very beginning. The music, the joy, the freedom and the best of all: dancing with a great partner.


The idea for V/S [Versus] probably started already then. Comparing ballet with ballroom. How would it be if I could point my foot in that step instead of stepping on the heal? How would a swan arm look like in a rumba? Would it be possible to mix these two dance forms? The only way to find out was to try!


With me in the project I got one of my favourite partners, Dragos Mihalcea (principal dancer from the Royal Swedish Ballet), and my fantastic ballroom dance teachers Tobias Wallin and Helena Fransson (known from the TV-show ”Let’s Dance”). With the great help from Scenkonst Sörmland and Annette Taranto, we could make this show happen.


V/S [Versus] is a fusion between ballet and ballroom. Ballet, tango and rumba in a mix. It was created to be performed as a surprise on the dance floors around Sörmland to reach a whole new kind of audience for dance. But this 16 minutes long performance can be done in many different events since it doesn’t need stage or seats for the audience. If there was a story, it would be about a girl who has hard time to choose between two guys or the two dance forms. But there mustn’t be one. Or you can come up with your own. Just lean back and enjoy the show!


Choreography: Helena, Tobias, Dragos, Jan-Erik Wikström and me

Music: Mixed by Tobias

Lights: Christian Farcher

Costumes: Elsa Lindström, Stefan Wåhlberg and Helena

Producer: Scenkonst Sörmland

Pictures: Mini Gemoll

Trailers: aStory

Guest repetiteur: Jan-Erik Wikström



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